Julia Fox, known for her thick and exaggerated eyeliner, recently took inspiration from Taylor Swift by extending her cat-eye sharp enough to kill a man. During a New York City outing, she pushed beauty boundaries further by applying her black eye makeup all the way to her bleach blonde hair, creating a halo effect. Her makeup artist, Colby Smith, added thorn-shaped points on the inner corners of her eyes and the arch of her brow bone, while also painting her lips black with barbwire-like spikes using e.l.f. Cosmetics’ new Liquid Death collection.

In addition to her daring makeup, Julia paired her bold beauty look with an equally eye-catching outfit. She wore a safety pin- and chain-embellished navy blazer with a coordinating pleated skirt and white button-down shirt. Her accessories included sheer knee-high stockings and giant platform heels, completing her edgy and fashion-forward ensemble. This look showcases Julia’s fearless approach to style and willingness to push boundaries with her fashion choices.

Julia’s unique beauty and fashion choices reflect her confident and fearless personality. She is unafraid to experiment with bold makeup looks, such as extending her cat-eye to her hairline and adding thorn-shaped points for extra drama. By pairing her daring makeup with statement clothing pieces like a chain-embellished blazer and pleated skirt, Julia creates a cohesive and attention-grabbing look that showcases her signature style.

Colby Smith, Julia’s makeup artist, played a crucial role in bringing her vision to life with the use of e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Liquid Death collection. This collaboration allowed for the creation of a wildly audacious beauty look that perfectly complemented Julia’s edgy fashion choices. By incorporating barbwire-like spikes on her lips and intricate details on her eyes, the makeup added an extra layer of intensity to her overall ensemble.

Julia’s outfit choices, including the safety pin- and chain-embellished blazer and pleated skirt, demonstrate her unique sense of style and commitment to making a statement through fashion. By accessorizing with sheer knee-high stockings and platform heels, she adds a touch of boldness and edge to her look. This outfit perfectly complements her daring makeup choices, creating a cohesive and attention-grabbing aesthetic that captures her fearless approach to fashion.

Overall, Julia Fox’s latest beauty and fashion choices showcase her fearless and confident attitude towards style. By drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift and pushing beauty boundaries with her bold makeup look, she demonstrates her willingness to experiment and take risks in her fashion choices. With the help of her talented makeup artist and the use of cutting-edge products, Julia creates a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble that captures attention and highlights her unique sense of style. Whether she is rocking exaggerated eyeliner or statement clothing pieces, Julia continues to inspire and push boundaries within the fashion and beauty industries.

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