Entrepreneur and model Karlie Kloss, along with her husband, billionaire investor Joshua Kushner, have announced a deal to bring back the iconic photo magazine LIFE, which ceased regular publication over two decades ago. Their company, Bedford Media, made the agreement with Dotdash Meredith to relaunch LIFE as a publication in both print and digital formats. Dotdash Meredith was formed by IAC after acquiring Meredith, which had previously acquired Time Inc., the former owner of LIFE.

Bedford Media had recently acquired i-D Magazine from Vice Media Group, adding to their expansion in the media industry. Joshua Kushner, the founder of venture-capital firm Thrive Capital, will take on the role of publisher for LIFE Magazine. The terms of the deal between Bedford Media and Dotdash Meredith have not been disclosed, but Bedford will handle all operations for the new LIFE Magazine, including editorial strategy and revenue initiatives.

Kloss, as the CEO of Bedford Media, sees LIFE as a unifying and uplifting voice in a chaotic media landscape. She is inspired by the iconic legacy of LIFE and its ability to connect diverse audiences through universal narratives of humanity. Kushner believes that LIFE’s legacy lies in its ability to blend culture, current events, and everyday life, showcasing the triumphs, challenges, and unique perspectives that define us as individuals and a society.

LIFE was originally launched in 1883 and remained a popular weekly magazine until Time Inc. ceased regular publication in 1972. It was briefly resurrected in 1978 before once again being suspended in 2000. Bedford Media’s focus is on artisanal storytelling, authenticity, and shared cultural resonance. They aim to blend iconic brands with new ways of reaching audiences, prioritizing quality and depth over broad reach.

With Dotdash Meredith retaining the rights to the LIFE photography and content archives dating back to the 1930s, they will also continue to release special interest magazines under the LIFE brand. By bringing LIFE Magazine back to life, Kloss and Kushner hope to continue its legacy of storytelling and connecting with audiences through compelling visuals and narratives. Their vision for the publication is to provide a platform for diverse voices and perspectives in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

LIFE Magazine’s return marks a new chapter for the iconic publication, offering a blend of culture, current events, and everyday life that resonates with audiences across the globe. Kloss and Kushner’s commitment to upholding the legacy of LIFE while bringing a fresh perspective to the publication demonstrates their passion for storytelling and authentic journalism. As Bedford Media continues to expand its presence in the media industry, the relaunch of LIFE Magazine signifies a return to the values of quality, depth, and meaningful cultural resonance in a media landscape that is constantly evolving.

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