Katharine McPhee celebrated her 40th birthday on a boat with her husband, David Foster, and friends, sharing sunny snaps on Instagram and thanking her fans for the birthday love. Jokingly, she mentioned that turning 29 isn’t so bad. In the photos, McPhee flaunted her abs in a blue bikini and a straw hat before covering up in a yellow and white mesh dress paired with strappy sandals.

The actress also gave her followers a peek at the party decor on the boat, including silver “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” balloons and a breakfast spread with fruit, waffles, and more. She shared a picture of her husband, a 74-year-old enjoying a “piña colada, baby, with booze.” McPhee and Foster, who have been married since June 2019, often face criticism due to their 34-year age gap, but they do not let it bother them. In a podcast, McPhee admitted that she was concerned about what people might think of their relationship at first.

McPhee’s journey to accepting her relationship with Foster was a process, as she initially had concerns about the age gap. She stated that it took her a while to want a serious relationship, but eventually, she came around to it. McPhee was previously married to Nick Cokas, and Foster has had multiple ex-wives including B.J. Cook, Rebecca Dyer, Linda Thompson, and Yolanda Hadid. Despite the public scrutiny, McPhee and Foster have been open about their relationship and frequently share moments from their lives together on social media.

The couple often post photos together, showcasing their love and support for each other. McPhee has described Foster as a loving and supportive husband, emphasizing the positive aspects of their relationship. She has also expressed gratitude for the happiness and fulfillment that Foster brings into her life. The couple’s celebrations of special occasions, such as birthdays, are filled with love and joy, as seen in McPhee’s birthday boat bash.

McPhee’s birthday celebration on the boat included a fun and festive atmosphere, with decorations and delicious food to enjoy with her loved ones. The intimate gathering reflected the couple’s close bond and shared love for each other. Despite any criticisms or judgments they may face, McPhee and Foster continue to prioritize their relationship and focus on the love and happiness they share. Their strong partnership and commitment to each other have allowed them to navigate challenges and come out stronger as a couple. As they continue their journey together, McPhee and Foster remain dedicated to building a life filled with love, joy, and shared experiences.

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