Katherine Jackson is currently involved in a legal battle regarding access to funds in her late son Michael Jackson’s estate. This conflict arose after Michael’s youngest son, Bigi, filed court documents to prevent her from using the estate’s assets to cover her legal fees related to an undisclosed legal issue, which is believed to involve the estate’s recent $600 million catalog deal with Sony. In response, Katherine, who is 93 years old, submitted a formal response on March 20 asserting that the estate executives have more than enough funds to cover her $500,000 legal fees.

Katherine’s complaint alleges that the estate executors are holding onto all the assets to maintain control and avoid distributing them more freely as required by the trust. She argues that the estate has more than sufficient funds to cover her legal costs and still have hundreds of millions of dollars left over to benefit the estate’s beneficiaries. Despite not being a beneficiary of the main estate, Katherine is entitled to a separate trust, which she claims should cover her legal expenses.

In addition, Katherine disputes the executors’ stance that they are obligated to allocate a portion of Michael’s estate to charitable donations before distributing funds to other beneficiaries. Although Bigi initially sided with his grandmother and opposed the Sony transaction, he withdrew from the legal battle after a judge allowed the deal to proceed. The estate also revealed that Katherine has received over $55 million since Michael’s death in 2009, with $33 million coming from a monthly allowance of $160,000.

The estate executors argued in a court filing that Katherine should be able to cover her legal fees independently. While Bigi’s submission acknowledged that the estate should not be responsible for covering all of Katherine’s legal battle costs, he supported payments for her reasonable attorney fees and costs associated with her initial objections to the Sony deal. Bigi, also known as Blanket, was born via surrogacy in 2002 and is the youngest of Michael’s children. His siblings include Prince and Paris.

Overall, the legal dispute concerning Katherine Jackson’s access to funds in Michael Jackson’s estate involves a complex financial and legal battle. Katherine maintains that the estate executors are withholding assets to retain control, while pointing out that there are sufficient funds available to cover her legal expenses without negatively impacting other beneficiaries of the estate. Bigi’s involvement in supporting payments for his grandmother’s attorney fees highlights the familial and financial complexities involved in this case. It remains to be seen how this legal battle will unfold and whether a resolution can be reached that satisfies all parties involved.

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