In the ’90s, before his “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) days, Kenan Thompson delivered laughs on beloved Nickelodeon shows “All That” and “Kenan & Kel.” However, he finds the bombshell “Quiet on Set” documentary and its fallout “definitely tough to watch.” He expressed that he has fond memories of that time and his co-stars, making it difficult for him to hear about the abusive experiences that former child stars have alleged. Thompson, the longest-serving cast member on SNL, broke his silence on the allegations against Nickelodeon and TV producer Dan Schneider in an interview with Tamron Hall, promoting his memoir “When I Was Your Age.”

“Quiet on Set” is a four-part docuseries from Investigation Discovery that delves into allegations of sexual abuse and discrimination during Schneider’s reign over Nickelodeon in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. The series features former child actors, parents, and crew members sharing their accounts of Schneider’s alleged abuse of power. Schneider was the executive producer and writer for shows such as “All That” and “Kenan & Kel,” but Thompson clarified that he did not have much interaction with him, as the negativity surrounding Schneider began outside of his tenure. Despite this distance, Thompson offered his support to those who came forward with their stories, stating that it is important for such accounts to be shared.

Thompson emphasized his sympathy for the victims and their families, stating that he was glad the docuseries was bringing these issues to light for accountability’s sake. When Hall mentioned that the show reached out to Schneider and Nickelodeon, Thompson urged for further investigation into the claims, noting that it is crucial for children to have a safe space in the entertainment industry. He voiced his outrage at the allegations that have surfaced and highlighted the importance of taking action to ensure the safety of young actors.

Following the release of “Quiet on Set,” other Nickelodeon alums have shown support for the survivors who shared their stories. Josh Peck from “Drake & Josh” joined Thompson in offering his support, particularly to co-star Drake Bell, who revealed his experience of sexual abuse by a dialogue coach. Bell will appear in a fifth episode of the docuseries, titled “Quiet on Set: Breaking the Silence,” set to premiere on April 7. In response to the documentary’s allegations, Schneider released a video in which he denied certain claims but expressed regret and apologized for any hurt caused. He acknowledged that he wishes he could have been a better leader and expressed remorse for the pain felt by those involved.

Through “Quiet on Set,” the allegations of abuse and misconduct within Nickelodeon under Schneider’s leadership have come to light, prompting discussions about accountability and the safety of child actors in the industry. Despite being removed from the situation during his time on Nickelodeon, Thompson has offered his support to those affected by the alleged abuse. As more former child stars come forward with their experiences, the entertainment industry is facing a reckoning with the need for greater protection and accountability to ensure a safe environment for young performers.

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