Kenan Thompson recently discussed his reaction to the Nickelodeon documentary, “Quiet on Set,” on the “Tamron Hall Show.” He mentioned that he was not fully aware of the revelations in the documentary, such as Drake Bell’s alleged sexual abuse, Dan Schneider’s alleged inappropriate behavior, and more, as they occurred after he left the network. Despite this, he called for further investigation into the allegations and expressed his support for the victims.

Thompson emphasized the importance of Nickelodeon being a safe place for children. He expressed his sympathy for anyone who has been victimized as well as their families. While he acknowledged that the documentary serves a purpose in bringing accountability to light, he found it challenging to watch due to his fond memories of his time at Nickelodeon and with his co-stars. He specifically mentioned that the allegations about Dan Schneider were difficult for him to process, as they did not directly impact him during his time on the network.

Regarding his relationship with former co-star Amanda Bynes, Thompson mentioned that it has been years since they last spoke and that he is rooting for her from afar. He also addressed the reaction from fellow cast member Josh Peck, who expressed the difficulty of reliving the events publicly. Drake Bell assured fans that Peck had reached out to him privately, indicating their support for one another in light of the allegations.

Dan Schneider issued a video apology following the release of “Quiet on Set,” acknowledging the accusations of sexism, racism, and inappropriate workplace behavior. He admitted that watching the documentary was difficult for him and expressed regret for his past actions. While navigating the aftermath of the documentary’s release, Thompson urged Nickelodeon to continue investigating the allegations to ensure a safe environment for all individuals involved. He reinforced the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions while also recognizing the impact of such revelations on those who have fond memories of the network.

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