Kenan Thompson shared his thoughts on the bombshell documentary Quiet on Set during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, expressing his heartbreak for the victims in the documentary and showing his support for the film, even though it addresses tough subjects. While Kenan admitted that he didn’t really work with disgraced producer Dan Schneider during his time on Nickelodeon, he acknowledged that it’s tough to hear about the terrible things that the victims went through, as he has fond memories of the place and his co-stars. He mentioned that he didn’t witness the actions that people in the documentary have accused others of, as these incidents happened after he left Nickelodeon.

Kenan explained that even though he worked with Dan on All That, he didn’t interact with him as much as some other actors did, as Dan wasn’t heavily involved in Kenan & Kel. He expressed his disappointment in hearing about the negativity surrounding Nickelodeon after his tenure there, stating that he wasn’t really aware of a lot of it. Tamron Hall mentioned that they reached out to Dan’s team and the documentary crew, who directed them to his response on YouTube. Kenan emphasized the importance of investigating these allegations thoroughly, acknowledging that Nickelodeon is meant to be a safe space for kids and expressing his outrage at hearing about the abuse and misconduct that allegedly took place.

Quiet on Set included disturbing allegations of sexual abuse, racism, and sexism at Nickelodeon, prompting a response from the network that they investigate all formal complaints to ensure a safe and professional workplace environment. Dan also released a statement through his representative, defending the shows he worked on and stating that every scene was carefully scrutinized and approved by the network and multiple adults. He argued that if there were any inappropriate scenes or outfits, they would have been flagged and removed, emphasizing that some adults may be projecting false conclusions onto kids’ shows.

In light of the documentary’s revelations, Kenan Thompson’s comments on The Tamron Hall Show shed light on his perspective as a former Nickelodeon star. While he expressed his sympathy for the victims and the need for accountability, he also highlighted his lack of awareness of the alleged misconduct due to these incidents occurring after his time on the network. The discussion surrounding Quiet on Set continues to raise important questions about the responsibilities of networks, producers, and the entertainment industry as a whole in ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals, especially children. As more information comes to light, it is essential for thorough investigations to take place to address any concerns and prevent future instances of abuse and misconduct in the industry.

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