Jodi, a troubled individual, sought help from a bishop and a counselor to overcome what she believed were evil spirits plaguing her. However, feeling unsuccessful in their efforts, Jodi moved in with Kevin and Ruby, a couple who attempted to aid her through the dark period. During her stay with them, Ruby and Jodi started sharing a bed, and Ruby began experiencing trances and visions of going to heaven to communicate with God and Jesus. They would also spend hours locked in a room, during which Ruby claimed to receive amazing visions and messages from God, stating that they had work to do.

As time passed, Kevin felt that it was necessary to move forward with his life, leading to an in-home separation between him and Ruby. He eventually filed for divorce in December, mentioning that they had been living apart for over a year prior to her arrest. The decision to end their marriage came after witnessing the extent of Ruby’s involvement with Jodi and her belief in receiving divine messages and visions from God. This separation marked the end of their relationship as a couple, as Kevin sought to put the darkness of the past behind him and move on with his life.

Throughout this difficult period, Kevin played a significant role in supporting Jodi and Ruby, despite ultimately choosing to end his marriage. He stood by them as they attempted to help Jodi overcome her struggles with evil spirits and demonic influences. His decision to bring in a bishop and counselor to assist Jodi reflects his commitment to aiding those in need, even in the face of challenging circumstances. However, as the situation escalated with Ruby experiencing trances and claiming to communicate with divine beings, Kevin recognized the need to prioritize his own well-being and make the difficult decision to separate from Ruby.

The experiences Kevin shared shed light on the complexities of relationships and the challenges individuals face when trying to support loved ones during times of crisis. His journey with Jodi and Ruby highlights the importance of setting boundaries, taking care of one’s mental health, and making tough decisions to protect oneself in difficult situations. While Kevin’s decision to end his marriage was undoubtedly a painful one, it also allowed him to prioritize his own needs and well-being, signaling a new chapter in his life as he worked towards moving forward from the darkness of the past. In the end, Kevin’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and making tough decisions when faced with challenging circumstances in relationships.

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