A video resurfaced showing Kieran Culkin cringing as his co-star Julie Delpy expressed a desire to be African American, during a promotional event for their film “Wiener-Dog” in 2016. In the clip, Delpy complained about the challenges of being a woman in the entertainment industry, suggesting that African American individuals face less backlash for speaking about their realities.

As Delpy made her controversial comments, Culkin visibly appeared uncomfortable, covering his face with his hand. The actor seemed to struggle with the situation while their co-star Danny DeVito listened. Delpy went on to express her belief that being a woman in the industry, particularly in America, was extremely difficult and that feminists are often heavily criticized.

Following the circulation of the resurfaced video on social media, many fans voiced their disappointment with Delpy’s statements. Some commented on how she seemed to erase the struggles faced by Black women, while others expressed secondhand embarrassment for Culkin for being in that situation with her. Delpy’s representatives were not immediately available for comment in response to the backlash.

Delpy subsequently issued an apology for her remarks, clarifying that she never intended to diminish the struggles of African American artists or anyone else facing inequality. She explained that her comments were meant to highlight the challenges women also face in the industry and that she did not intend to downplay the struggles of others.

The incident shed light on the sensitive nature of discussing topics related to race and gender in the entertainment industry, and the potential backlash that can arise from perceived insensitivity. While Delpy’s intentions may have been different from how her comments were received, it serves as a reminder of the importance of being mindful and respectful when addressing such issues in public forums. The controversy surrounding her remarks highlights the complexities of navigating discussions around diversity and equality in the media.

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