Kim Kardashian recently showcased a new look on Instagram, sporting an oversized brown fur coat paired with black tights and heels, a style reminiscent of Australian model Bianca Censori. She even copied Censori’s signature slicked-back hairstyle and some fans took notice, questioning Kardashian’s new style as being inspired by Censori. The public reaction to Kardashian’s outfit ranged from surprise to criticism, with many commenting about the similarities between her and Censori’s fashion choices.

The similarities between Kardashian and Censori’s fashion choices doesn’t stop at the recent outfit. Censori also recently stepped out in a brown fur coat paired with black tights and heels while out to dinner with Kanye West, her husband, and their daughter North. This conservative look was a departure from Censori’s usual bold and revealing ensembles, which Kardashian reportedly disapproves of for being inappropriate around their children. Despite their differing opinions on fashion choices, Kardashian and Censori have been seen together at Kanye’s events, though their interactions appear to be limited.

The fur coat seems to be a staple in both Kardashian and Censori’s wardrobes, with both women opting for similar styles and pairings. This recent fashion choice from Kardashian has sparked conversation among fans about the influence of Censori’s style on the Skims founder. Some have even taken to calling Kardashian “Kim Censori” as a nod to the similarities between her and the Australian model. Kardashian’s attempts to channel Censori’s fashion sense may be a new direction for the reality star known for her own distinctive style.

The comparison between Kardashian and Censori’s fashion choices highlights the ongoing trend of celebrities influencing each other’s style. The similarities in their recent outfits demonstrate how fashion trends can cross over between different circles of influence in the celebrity world. Despite the criticisms and comments from fans, both Kardashian and Censori continue to showcase their unique sense of style in various public appearances and social media posts. The influence of one celebrity’s style on another is a common occurrence in the fashion world, where trends and inspirations can rapidly change and evolve.

While the similarities in Kardashian and Censori’s recent outfits have sparked conversation and controversy among fans, both women continue to express their individual style choices in their public appearances. The influence of one celebrity’s fashion choices on another is a natural part of the celebrity and fashion worlds, where trends and inspirations often cross over between different individuals. Despite any criticisms or opinions, both Kardashian and Censori have the freedom to express themselves through their clothing choices, showcasing their unique styles and personalities to the public through various platforms like social media and public appearances.

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