King Charles delivered a message of friendship and service during his first speech since Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis was revealed. The speech was pre-recorded and played during a Maundy Thursday service at Worcester Cathedral in England. Charles expressed his disappointment at not being able to physically attend the service and shared a story about Jesus kneeling before his disciples and washing their feet as an example of serving and caring for each other.

During the speech, Charles highlighted the importance of friendship, especially during difficult times. He praised the various organizations that help people across the U.K. and the kindness of individuals who serve their communities. Charles emphasized the need for friendship and the benefits that come from receiving support from others in times of need.

In his conclusion, Charles shared his commitment to following in Jesus’ footsteps and serving others, rather than being served. He offered an Easter message to the congregation, expressing his hope that the example of serving one another would inspire and strengthen communities. Charles reflected on his dedication to serving others with his whole heart and extended his blessings to everyone for Easter.

The speech took place over a month after Charles revealed his own cancer diagnosis, following a procedure for an enlarged prostate. Despite undergoing treatment, he has continued to make occasional public appearances. His Easter message also came shortly after Kate Middleton’s announcement of her own cancer diagnosis, for which Charles has expressed his pride and support. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson praised the Princess of Wales for her courage in speaking about her health battle.

Charles’ message focused on the themes of friendship, service, and strength in times of difficulty. He acknowledged the importance of community support and shared his ongoing commitment to following Jesus’ example of serving others. The speech demonstrated Charles’ empathy and compassion for those facing challenges and his belief in the power of friendship and service to uplift and inspire individuals and communities.

Overall, Charles’ speech at the Maundy Thursday service conveyed a message of hope and resilience in the face of personal and collective struggles. His words highlighted the significance of connecting with others, offering support, and finding strength in serving one another. Charles’ commitment to following Christ’s example of service and his encouragement for communities to come together in times of need reflected his belief in the power of friendship and compassion to overcome adversity.

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