Kristen Stewart revealed on a podcast that she and fiancée Dylan Meyer have taken steps towards family planning by freezing their eggs. The couple, who have been friends for years and started dating in 2019, have mentioned wanting to keep their options open for the future. Despite being engaged for almost three years, they have not set a date for the wedding yet as they are both casual people with loose plans after Stewart makes her first movie.

The wedding may still be years away as Stewart has not begun filming her directorial debut, “The Chronology of Water.” While the couple already shares multiple properties and pets, Stewart mentioned in a Rolling Stone profile her desire to expand their family, expressing that she wants to acquire kids and have a child at some point in the near future. The actress and Meyer have discussed the possibility of carrying each other’s embryos, although Stewart admitted being scared of childbirth but willing to face it with Meyer’s support.

Stewart confessed her fear of childbirth, likening it to the sensation of losing control of one’s body from taking too many drugs. Despite her self-medication with weed and dislike for hard drugs, she is open to the experience of carrying her child because of how radical it is. She expressed how finding the right person in Meyer, who shares her interests and makes her feel stronger together, has made the idea of facing her fears more manageable.

The couple’s decision to freeze their eggs and discussions about family planning reflect their readiness for the next steps in their relationship. Stewart’s openness about her fears surrounding childbirth and willingness to confront them with Meyer’s support demonstrates their strong partnership. As they navigate their careers and personal lives, they are taking proactive steps towards building their desired future family while maintaining their casual approach to planning. Despite the uncertainty regarding the timing of their wedding and family expansion, Stewart and Meyer seem committed to their long-term goals together.

Ultimately, Stewart’s journey towards family planning with Meyer showcases their deep connection and shared values as a couple. Their decision to freeze their eggs and discuss potential parenting options demonstrates their commitment to each other and their future together. Stewart’s candidness about her fears and willingness to face them with Meyer’s support highlights the strength of their partnership as they navigate the complexities of planning a family. As they move forward in their relationship, Stewart and Meyer remain committed to building a future together that aligns with their shared desires and values.

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