Kristen Stewart and her fiancée, Dylan Meyer, have taken steps to prepare for their future by freezing their eggs, as revealed by Kristen in a recent interview on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. Despite not rushing to get married, Kristen shared that they are both casual people and did a simple proposal, leading them to put off planning a wedding. They have a loose plan for a wedding that suits their relationship.

Due to Kristen’s upcoming directing project, their wedding will have to wait until her schedule aligns. Kristen shared that she will be directing a movie soon and needs to prioritize that before getting married in order to send out invitations and give people time to prepare. She has expressed her commitment to directing The Chronology of Water and has vowed not to act in another project until she can make this movie.

Kristen and Dylan have been together since 2019 and got engaged in November 2021. Despite the engagement, Kristen has repeatedly stated that they are taking their time and enjoying the process, with no rush to get married. She has hinted at the possibility of starting a family with Dylan in the future, acknowledging the natural progression of life and relationships that may lead them to that point.

Kristen’s dedication to directing her upcoming film is clear, as she has stated that she will not make another movie until she completes this project. This commitment reflects her passion for behind-the-camera work and her desire to push her career in a new direction. Despite her success as an actress, directing has become a priority for Kristen, and she is determined to see this project through.

While fans eagerly await news of Kristen and Dylan’s wedding plans, Kristen has emphasized the importance of taking things at their own pace and focusing on their relationship. Their decision to freeze their eggs indicates a consideration for their future together and a willingness to plan for what comes next in their lives. Kristen’s openness about her personal life and career aspirations provides insight into her priorities and the choices she is making for her future.

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