In a recent segment of Seth Meyers’ “Day Drinking,” actress Kristen Stewart helped the comedian channel his inner “lesbian icon” as they spent a day at the bar together. The 17-minute segment began with Meyers mixing cocktails inspired by Stewart’s iconic films, starting with Panic Room and leading to a Twilight-inspired beverage. Throughout the segment, Meyers admitted that he had never seen the Twilight movies and playfully asked Stewart not to spoil them for him. The two indulged in a boozy game of balloon darts before Meyers introduced the next part of the segment: a lesbian makeover on himself.

Meyers jokingly referred to Stewart as a “lesbian icon” and enlisted her help in transforming himself with clothing and accessories commonly associated with lesbian culture. Stewart playfully selected a baggy white T-shirt, denim jacket, glasses, and a beanie for Meyers to wear, leading to laughs and light-hearted banter between the two. They closed out the segment by sharing a final beer and Meyers expressing his approval of the outfit Stewart had chosen for him, declaring it as fitting for him.

Stewart and Meyers previously discussed their day of drinking during an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Meyers revealed that he was still feeling “a little hungover” from their wild day. Despite his hangover, Meyers assured Stewart that they did not embarrass themselves too much and reflected on their antics with humor. Stewart inquired whether he had any “disco anxiety” about their activities, to which Meyers jokingly admitted to experiencing a moment of concern at midnight, but quickly dismissed it.

The “Day Drinking” segment showcased the lighthearted dynamic between Stewart and Meyers as they engaged in playful activities and humorous banter throughout the day. The duo’s chemistry and comedic timing were evident as they navigated various cocktails and activities, culminating in a fun and entertaining experience for both participants and viewers. Stewart’s participation in the segment added a unique twist and refreshing energy to the show, highlighting her versatility as an actress and her ability to engage in comedic situations with ease. The segment provided a humorous and endearing glimpse into the camaraderie between Stewart and Meyers and left audiences entertained and amused by their interactions.

Overall, the “Day Drinking” segment featuring Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers was a delightful display of humor, camaraderie, and fun as the two celebrities engaged in a day of drinking and activities. Meyers’ quirky cocktails inspired by Stewart’s films, the comedic banter between the pair, and the playful lesbian makeover segment all contributed to an entertaining and light-hearted atmosphere. Stewart’s participation added a fresh and dynamic element to the segment, showcasing her ability to engage in comedic situations and connect with her co-star in a fun and engaging manner. The segment served as a delightful escape for viewers, offering a glimpse into the playful and humorous side of both Stewart and Meyers as they shared laughs and enjoyed a day of drinking together.

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