Kristen Stewart recently stated on the “Not Skinny but Not Fat” podcast that she is unlikely to ever star in a Marvel movie, unless significant changes are made to the studio system or if Greta Gerwig was directing. She expressed that working on a Marvel tentpole sounds like a nightmare to her, as it often lacks a personal touch due to the amount of money and trust placed in one person, making it a more algorithmic experience. Stewart mentioned that she enjoys making big movies in order for people to watch them when she is in them, but the current state of the industry does not align with her preferences.

Over the past decade, Stewart has focused primarily on indie films, many of which have received critical acclaim. Her latest project, the A24 crime thriller “Love Lies Bleeding,” is currently being shown in theaters nationwide. Stewart initially gained recognition in major Hollywood productions such as David Fincher’s “Panic Room” alongside Jodie Foster, who has been a mentor to Stewart throughout her career. Even Foster herself has expressed her views on superhero movies, describing them as a phase that has extended for too long in the industry.

Foster stated in an interview with Elle magazine that she hopes people will soon tire of the superhero genre, as she believes there should be room for a variety of genres and storytelling in the film industry. While Foster appreciates well-made movies like “Iron Man,” “Black Panther,” and “The Matrix,” she emphasized that they do not have a significant impact on her life or her reasons for becoming an actor. Despite this, Foster still enjoys the entertainment value of these films and recognizes their appeal to audiences.

Stewart’s comments about Marvel movies reflect her desire for more personal and meaningful roles in her projects, rather than being involved in large-scale, commercial blockbusters. She hinted that she would be more inclined to join a Marvel movie if someone like Greta Gerwig, known for her indie sensibilities, were attached to the project. Stewart’s reluctance to participate in the Marvel Cinematic Universe underscores her dedication to storytelling and character-driven narratives, which may not always align with the blockbuster superhero genre.

Overall, both Stewart and Foster’s perspectives shed light on the evolving landscape of Hollywood and the ongoing debate surrounding the prominence of superhero movies in the industry. While these films continue to dominate the box office and attract audiences worldwide, some actors and filmmakers are advocating for a more diverse range of storytelling and filmmaking styles. Stewart’s stance reflects her commitment to authenticity and personal fulfillment in her acting career, while Foster’s comments highlight her hope for a shift towards greater variety and creativity in the film industry.

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