Kyle Richards, a star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” recently posted a photo on her Instagram Story showing her wearing a cowboy hat and bikini ensemble while on vacation in Mexico. The woven Lack of Color hat was paired with a macramé bikini top from PQ Swim, large aviator sunglasses from Aire, and two gold necklaces. She also shared her vacation must-haves, including a Wallaroo Cowboy Hat and the StoryCoast Oversized Sunglasses to replicate the look of her Saint Laurent frames. Additionally, she applied EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen to protect her skin from the sun.

In addition to her stylish vacation wardrobe, Richards has been fueling rumors of a relationship with country singer Morgan Wade. She left a flirty comment on one of Wade’s Instagram videos, suggesting a connection between the two. Richards has previously shown a love for western-themed apparel, even getting a cowboy hat tattoo earlier in the month as a new addition to her collection of body art. Fans have speculated that other tattoos, such as a tiny heart on her wrist and her own initial on Wade, may also be tributes to the singer.

Richards has not been shy about embracing her love for western fashion, purchasing bedazzled headbands at a popular store in Aspen. This latest addition of a cowboy hat tattoo signals a deepening connection to this aesthetic, possibly influenced by her rumored relationship with Wade. Along with her sister Kathy Hilton, who also got a tattoo with Richards, the actress is expressing her love for these symbols through body art.

The “Real Housewives” star seems to be enjoying a stylish and carefree spring break trip, as seen in her Instagram posts showcasing her beach-ready ensembles and accessories. She continues to share glimpses of her vacation, including product recommendations for achieving her look and highlighting products like the Wallaroo Cowboy Hat and StoryCoast Oversized Sunglasses. Richards’s flair for fashion and her love for western-themed items are evident throughout her vacation photos and social media posts.

Richards’s fashion choices and accessories reflect her bold and trendy style, with a mix of high-end and affordable pieces to create her vacation looks. The cowboy hat and bikini ensemble she wore in Mexico, along with her choice of sunglasses and jewelry, demonstrate her attention to detail and ability to put together chic outfits. Whether she’s on the beach or sharing moments of her trip on social media, Richards exudes confidence and glamour in every photo and post. Her connection to western fashion and accessories adds a unique touch to her overall style, setting her apart as a fashion-forward celebrity in the reality TV world.

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