Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Vittoria Ceretti, caused speculation about their engagement when the Italian model was spotted wearing a new ring on her left hand. Ceretti, 25, was seen with the ring while having lunch with DiCaprio, 49, at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. DiCaprio was dressed casually in a white T-shirt and shorts, while Ceretti looked stylish in baggy jeans and a sweater, accessorized with Balenciaga sunglasses and silver necklaces. The couple showed some public display of affection during their outing.

It is unclear if the ring Ceretti was wearing is an engagement ring, as she has not showcased it in recent Instagram posts. DiCaprio and Ceretti first sparked romance rumors last summer when they were seen kissing in Ibiza, Spain. Since then, they have been seen out together multiple times and have spent time with each other’s families. Reports from last September indicated that the couple was getting serious and enjoying getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Despite breakup rumors that circulated when DiCaprio was seen being flirtatious with Teyana Taylor at a pre-Oscars party, the couple seems to be going strong as they were seen sharing a loving lunch date recently. DiCaprio’s representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding the engagement speculation. The couple’s relationship has been followed closely by the media due to their public appearances together and their affectionate moments in public.

The couple’s lunch outing included DiCaprio feeding Ceretti a burrito and her wrapping her arm around his shoulders as they ordered their meal. They have been spotted showing their affection for each other on various occasions, indicating a strong bond between them. Fans are eagerly awaiting any possible confirmation of an engagement between the two celebrities. The engagement rumors only add to the growing interest in DiCaprio and Ceretti’s relationship as they continue to be seen together in public.

DiCaprio and Ceretti have been seen together in different settings, including clubs in Ibiza and casual outings in Los Angeles. Despite initial doubts about the seriousness of their relationship, reports indicate that they have been spending significant time getting to know each other and building a strong connection. The couple’s relationship has been under scrutiny since they first sparked dating rumors, with fans and the media closely following their public appearances and interactions.

As details about DiCaprio and Ceretti’s relationship continue to emerge, the engagement rumors have added a new layer of interest to their story. The couple’s chemistry and affection towards each other have been on display during their public outings, confirming the bond between them. While neither party has confirmed or denied the engagement speculations, fans are eagerly awaiting any official announcements regarding their relationship status. DiCaprio and Ceretti’s romance has captured the attention of many, with their every move being closely watched by followers and media outlets alike.

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