Mauricio Umansky was recently overheard telling a woman in Aspen, Colorado, that he and his wife, Kyle Richards, are “not together.” The couple has been living under the same roof but sleeping in separate rooms, and Umansky mentioned potentially moving out of their home in Encino, California. He emphasized the importance of their children during this process, highlighting their commitment as parents.

Umansky disclosed the state of his marriage while on a guys’ trip to Aspen, where he was in good spirits and engaging in business-related conversations. While his conversation with the woman was not flirty, it remains unclear whether she was a fan or a friend. Umansky denied discussing his relationship with anyone and stated that he was focused on The Agency business during his trip.

Prior to his trip to Aspen, Umansky attended a happy hour to celebrate the grand opening of Stranahan’s Whiskey Lodge. He shared snapshots from his boys’ skiing trip on Instagram, showcasing his activities on the trip. Just days before, he and Richards had publicly attended their daughter Portia Umansky’s 16th birthday celebration together, demonstrating a united front for their children.

Umansky and Richards share three daughters, two of whom are still minors. The former couple has not revealed the specific reasons behind their separation, but Richards hinted at trust issues during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” finale. Umansky, on the other hand, expressed feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of their marriage and business commitments, leading to a breakdown after their split.

Having been married for 26 years, Umansky and Richards decided to go their separate ways in September 2023. This announcement came after years of maintaining a united front despite their relationship troubles. While they have not disclosed the exact events that led to their breakup, they have ensured that their children remain a top priority throughout the process. Their commitment to co-parenting has been evident in their public appearances together.

Umansky has been seen enjoying a guys’ trip in Aspen, engaging in business conversations and maintaining a positive attitude during the outing. Although rumors of their separation have circulated, Umansky and Richards have continued to present a united front for their family and children, demonstrating a sense of maturity and responsibility as co-parents. While details of their separation remain private, they have chosen to focus on their children and maintain a cordial relationship as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

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