Maya Rudolph made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Loot Season 2, but the conversation quickly turned to a fake Golden Girls remake poster that featured Rudolph alongside Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Lisa Kudrow. The poster, created by the YODA BBY ABY Facebook page as a satirical piece, caused quite a stir on the internet, with the account receiving death threats over the hoax. Rudolph found humor in the poorly photoshopped aging effects on some of the women, joking about the effort put into making them look older.

Seth Meyers also found amusement in the botched job of the poster, pointing out how only half of the women were altered to appear aged, particularly Poehler and Kudrow. Rudolph teased the creators of the poster, jokingly telling them, “fuck you” for their efforts. Meyers reflected on the reactions from fans who questioned the authenticity of the poster, with many wondering if it was a real project. Rudolph acknowledged that while the fake poster was amusing, she had other ideas in mind for potential projects in the future.

During the segment, Photoshopped images of Rudolph’s face photoshopped into classic sitcom posters were revealed, hinting at a potential new job prospect for the comedian. Rudolph joked about creating posters for shows like Happy Days, Four’s Company, and Full House. Despite the fake Golden Girls poster being debunked, many other hoaxes have successfully deceived the public, including a fake Polar Express prequel titled The Christmas Express. Despite having a release date printed on it, the film was never confirmed or actually released.

Overall, the segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers showcased Maya Rudolph’s sense of humor and willingness to engage with fake news about her potential involvement in a Golden Girls remake. Despite the hoax causing some controversy online, Rudolph and Meyers found humor in the situation and used it as an opportunity to joke about other potential projects. The segment also shed light on the prevalence of fake news and internet pranks that can stir up confusion and controversy among fans and followers. While the Golden Girls remake may have been a fake, Rudolph’s comedic talents and ability to roll with the punches were on full display during her appearance on the talk show.

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