USC women’s basketball team has seen success with the help of their strength and conditioning coach, Kelly Dormandy. Dormandy joined the team at the start of the season and has played a crucial role in the team’s journey to the Sweet 16. Her coaching philosophy, S.W.O.L.E., emphasizes standards, work, ownership, love, and enforce accountability. Dormandy’s dedication to the team was clear from the start, and she set high expectations for the players.

Dormandy’s training methods have pushed the team to achieve their best physical and mental shape. Players have been put through rigorous workouts, such as running the Santa Monica stairs and completing conditioning exercises like the 22 repetitions drill. Despite initial doubts, players eventually reached the fitness benchmarks set by Dormandy. The team’s improved physical conditioning has translated into success on the court, with USC emerging as one of the best clutch teams with 11 single-digit wins.

The commitment to investing in women’s basketball at USC is evident through the dedication shown by the athletic department, as highlighted by head coach Lindsay Gottlieb. Alongside Dormandy, the team now travels with a nutritionist for every game and flies on chartered flights, signaling a new era of support for the program. Dormandy’s role as a dedicated strength coach for the team underscores the program’s emphasis on player development and success.

Dormandy’s attention to detail extends to individual players, notably star freshman JuJu Watkins, whose performance is closely monitored. Dormandy uses various metrics to track player fatigue and hydration levels, ensuring that players are at their peak physical condition for games. Watkins, USC’s first All-American since 1997, has benefitted from Dormandy’s guidance, improving her hydration practices to optimize her on-court performance.

The success of USC women’s basketball team on the national stage has been a result of intentional investment and dedication. The team’s improved fitness and mental toughness under Dormandy’s leadership have been instrumental in their accomplishments. As the team progresses in the NCAA tournament, Dormandy remains focused on helping the players realize their dreams and achieve even greater success. The culture of excellence instilled by Dormandy has propelled USC to new heights in women’s basketball.

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