Meghan Markle recently announced her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, with a flashy video showing the Duchess of Sussex in various picturesque settings. However, there have been questions about the brand’s investors, team, and manufacturing process for goods such as jams, jellies, candles, skincare, and pet food.

Industry insiders in Los Angeles are abuzz with talk about American Riviera Orchard, but there has been no mention of Markle hiring a sourcing team. Some believe that the project may be all glamour and little substance, following Markle’s pattern of early announcements without concrete follow-through. Sources close to Markle have not provided a timeframe for the brand’s official product launch.

While several finance professionals, including Wall Street billionaire Ken Griffin and cosmetics mogul Victoria Jackson, who are friends of the Sussexes, have not invested in the project, Markle is believed to have worked with Hollywood money man Adam Lilling. The brand is said to be tied to Markle’s new Netflix show as she aims to follow in the footsteps of lifestyle moguls like Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines.

Organic farmer Kerry Clasby from Malibu Fig Ranch has advised Markle to be diligent about sourcing ingredients from Santa Barbara if the brand will be called American Riviera. Clasby highlighted the importance of local ingredients to maintain authenticity and quality. Markle has visited the Montecito farmers market, but she is not known to be working with local farmers in the region.

Markle’s interest in running a lifestyle brand dates back to her time as a blogger for The Tig, which she ran before meeting Prince Harry. She always wanted to create an extension of The Tig, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, which she admires. The goal of American Riviera Orchard is to create a community and provide value, akin to Paltrow’s approach in growing Goop from the ground up.

Insiders have noted that Markle may need to act quickly to have products ready for sale this year, especially with the upcoming holiday season. A trademark application for American Riviera Orchard has been filed for a range of products, indicating that Markle may be planning to sell merchandise on her dedicated website. However, she has not confirmed a specific launch date or detailed product lineup for the brand.

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