Melissa Joan Hart, known for her roles in Nickelodeon shows, expressed full support for the allegations made against the network in the “Quiet on Set” documentary, despite having a positive experience herself. Hart mentioned that she has never heard any horror stories similar to those shared in the documentary during her time at Nickelodeon.

Several former child stars and employees came forward about showrunner Dan Schneider’s alleged inappropriate behavior on set, including sexism and racism. However, Hart noted that most of these issues occurred in Hollywood while she worked at the network’s Orlando location from 1989 to 1994. Despite long hours due to child labor laws, Hart had a positive experience with an amazing crew and cast who took good care of her.

While working on the show was time-consuming, Hart felt safe and protected in Orlando thanks to the people around her. She emphasized that not every aspect of Nickelodeon was negative. However, Peck began sexually assaulting Drake Bell, who sued him in 2004 for sexual abuse, leading to a no contest plea and a prison sentence for the voice coach.

Several former Nickelodeon stars have come forward about their positive and negative experiences with the network’s staff since the documentary’s release. Kenan Thompson, known for his role in “All That,” expressed that he was not aware of many of the revelations in the documentary as they occurred after he left Nickelodeon. He encouraged the network to investigate further and showed support for anyone victimized.

Thompson highlighted the importance of sharing these stories for accountability while acknowledging the difficulty in hearing about the negative experiences of former co-stars. Despite having fond memories of Nickelodeon, Thompson recognized the need for these stories to be told and addressed. The network faces increasing scrutiny after the documentary shed light on the abuse and misconduct happening behind the scenes with some of its staff members.

The allegations made in the “Quiet on Set” documentary have prompted a wave of disclosures from former Nickelodeon stars. While some like Hart had positive experiences, there are many who have shared stories of abuse and mistreatment. The entertainment industry continues to grapple with the systemic issues of abuse and misconduct that have plagued it for years, prompting calls for accountability and change moving forward.

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