Melissa Rivers, known for her keen sense of fashion critique, shared her thoughts on the standout red carpet styles at the Oscars. She described the overall looks as pretty, safe, with no major hits or misses. Rivers was particularly impressed by the stunning jewelry that adorned many of the stars on the night of the event, noting that necklaces were a major trend all year and continued to shine at the Oscars.

Rivers highlighted some of the standout looks at the Oscars, including Emily Blunt in Schiaparelli, whom she considered a “wow” moment. She defended the structured and architectural design of Blunt’s dress, saying that it was true to the brand’s aesthetic. She also emphasized the importance of dressing appropriately for the occasion, whether for the red carpet or the stage.

Ariana Grande’s dramatic pink dress by Giambattista Valli received mixed reviews from Rivers, who felt that it was too overwhelming with excessive pouf and color. Cynthia Erivo’s eye-catching red gown was considered more of a runway or art piece than a flattering look for the star. While appreciating Margot Robbie’s black gown choice as a departure from her usual pink, Rivers viewed it as a deliberate transition in the actor’s style narrative.

Rivers praised America Ferrera’s elegant and wearable dress, expressing her desire to own a similar piece. She also commended Gabrielle Union for her unique dress combination, calling her look “jaw-dropping.” Jennifer Lawrence’s summer ball-like attire was viewed as a beautiful choice, though its appropriateness for the Oscars was questioned. Rivers marveled at Lawrence’s flawless appearance despite her assumed responsibilities as a parent.

Jodie Foster’s age-appropriate yet stylish look was another highlight for Rivers, who admired the actress’s balance between looking youthful and remaining sophisticated. Bradley Cooper’s casual attire without a tie at the Oscars drew criticism from Rivers, who emphasized the importance of adhering to the dress code for the prestigious event. She made an exception for Lenny Kravitz, known for his bold fashion choices.

Rivers couldn’t help but admire Charlize Theron’s consistent ability to stun on the red carpet. She likened Theron’s flawless appearance to a sense of annoyance due to her seemingly effortless beauty, height, talent, and agelessness. Theron’s impeccable style, jewelry choices, and overall presentation left Rivers in awe, showcasing the actress’s stature and grace. Overall, Rivers provided insightful and candid commentary on the fashion choices at the Oscars, offering a unique perspective on Hollywood’s most glamorous night.

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