Michael Jackson’s children, Paris, Prince, and Bigi Jackson, recently made a rare red carpet appearance together at the opening night of “MJ: The Musical” in London. The three siblings posed for pictures, with Paris wearing a copper crisscross dress, Prince in an all-black suit with a deep red button-down, and Bigi in a black blazer with matching pants. This appearance comes amidst an ongoing legal battle between the Jackson siblings and their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, over their father’s estate.

Bigi Jackson challenged his grandmother in court last week, requesting that Michael Jackson’s estate should not have to pay Katherine’s legal fees against the estate’s executors over an undisclosed “recent transaction,” believed to be the $600 million catalog sale to Sony. Bigi’s legal team stated that a reversal on appeal would be unlikely, and he chose not to participate in an appeal. Despite this, Katherine has decided to appeal, a decision that Bigi believes is not for the benefit of the heirs.

Katherine Jackson, although not a beneficiary of Michael’s estate, is reportedly the sole beneficiary of a sub-trust as per Michael’s will. In response to Bigi’s court request, Katherine challenged the executors over the catalog sale, alleging that they are holding all assets in the estate to maintain control and avoid the distribution requirements of the trust. She argued that the executors could cover her legal fees without affecting the estate or creditors, leaving ample funds for remaining beneficiaries.

Attorneys representing Katherine maintain that the estate has sufficient funds to cover her legal payments without causing a loss to the estate or creditors. They argue that the estate’s potential liabilities exceed the requested payment, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars available for other beneficiaries. Katherine’s filing casts doubt on the executors’ intentions, suggesting that they are withholding assets to maintain control rather than distributing them as required by the trust.

This legal battle is a continuation of the complex and ongoing disputes over Michael Jackson’s estate, involving various family members and entities. The siblings’ joint appearance at the musical’s premiere indicates their solidarity in challenging the decisions and actions of the estate’s executors. The public nature of this dispute highlights the complexities and challenges that can arise in managing the estate of a high-profile individual like Michael Jackson.

Despite the challenges and disagreements surrounding Michael Jackson’s estate, his children have come together to support each other and assert their rights in the legal proceedings. Their appearance at the musical’s premiere showcases their unity and determination to ensure that their father’s legacy is managed and distributed according to their understanding of his wishes. The outcome of this legal battle remains uncertain, but the Jackson siblings are steadfast in their pursuit of justice and fairness in the handling of their father’s estate.

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