Michael Jackson’s three children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, recently made a rare public appearance together at the press night performance of “MJ: The Musical” in London. The siblings posed on the red carpet, with Prince and Blanket dressed in black suits and Paris stunning in a rust-colored dress. This appearance comes amidst Blanket’s legal battle with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, over the late pop star’s estate funds. Blanket, also known as Bigi Jackson, initially supported Katherine in the legal dispute against the executors of his father’s estate. However, Blanket later filed to block his grandmother’s use of Michael’s estate funds for her legal fees when she decided to appeal a court decision that favored the estate executors.

Katherine, aged 93, responded to Blanket’s filing on March 20, arguing that the estate executors have more than enough funds to cover her legal expenses, which amount to $500,000. She claimed that the estate was withholding assets to maintain control and avoid distributing them as required by the Trust. Katherine also stated that the estate had hundreds of millions of dollars available, even after covering her legal fees. In a court filing on March 21, Michael’s estate disputed Katherine’s claims, indicating that she had received over $55 million since the singer’s death in 2009. They alleged that she had received a significant monthly allowance and had the financial means to pay for her own legal expenses.

Blanket, born in 2002 via surrogacy, is the youngest of Michael Jackson’s children, joining siblings Prince and Paris, whom the late icon had with ex-wife Debbie Rowe. The ongoing legal battle between Blanket and Katherine stems from a judge’s decision to allow the executors of Michael’s estate to use his funds for a business deal, believed to be a $600 million catalog deal with Sony. After Katherine chose to appeal this decision, Blanket, initially on the same side as her, changed his stance, believing that she was unlikely to succeed. This dispute has caused tension within the family, leading to Blanket taking legal action to prevent his grandmother from using his father’s estate funds for her own purposes.

Michael Jackson’s children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, have largely stayed out of the public eye in recent years, making their public appearance together in London a rare event. The siblings, who have faced challenges and controversies following their father’s death, continue to navigate the complexities of his estate and legal matters. Their recent appearance at “MJ: The Musical” highlights the ongoing struggles faced by the Jackson family, as they seek to protect their father’s legacy and ensure that his estate is managed in a manner that aligns with their interests. The legal battle between Blanket and Katherine underscores the complexities of managing a celebrity estate and the challenges faced by inheritors in preserving their family’s wealth and resources.

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