The ongoing battle between UTA and former MediaLink chairman-CEO Michael Kassan has taken a new turn with Kassan filing a defamation lawsuit against UTA attorney Bryan Freedman. The lawsuit stems from a statement made by Freedman to Deadline, in which he referred to Kassan as a “pathological liar.” This statement was made following Kassan and UTA parting ways amidst litigation and accusations from both sides. Kassan’s attorney, Sanford Michelman, stated that the lawsuit aims to hold Freedman accountable for his defamatory comment and accused UTA of trying to block Kassan from competing by tarnishing his reputation in the media.

UTA has claimed that Kassan misused company funds for personal expenses and was reckless in his spending. On the other hand, Kassan has accused UTA of breaching agreements made when the talent agency acquired MediaLink for $125 million. His lawsuit against Freedman seeks $125 million in damages, alleging that Freedman’s statement was intentional and meant to harm Kassan’s reputation in order to prevent him from launching a new venture. The dispute also revolves around conflicting claims regarding a $10 million severance package with a non-compete clause, with Kassan insisting that he was offered the package but declined, while UTA denies making any such offer.

The lawsuit states that Freedman’s statement was made with malicious intent and seeks to hold him accountable for defaming Kassan. It accuses Freedman of intentionally inflicting maximum damage by making the statement to a wide audience through the Deadline article. The suit also suggests that UTA’s actions were aimed at destroying Kassan’s reputation in order to prevent employees and clients from following him to his next venture, effectively creating a non-compete situation through defamation. With both sides doubling down on their claims and accusations, the legal battle between Kassan and UTA shows no signs of slowing down.

Kassan’s attorney emphasized that the lawsuit reflects Kassan’s determination to seek justice for the defamatory statement made by Freedman. The accusation of being a pathological liar has serious implications for Kassan’s reputation and could hinder his ability to move forward with any new business endeavors. The lawsuit highlights the high stakes involved in the dispute between Kassan and UTA, with both parties standing firm in their positions and determined to protect their interests.

The conflict between Kassan and UTA has escalated with the filing of this defamation lawsuit, adding another layer to the already complex legal battle between the two parties. The accusations and counterclaims made by both sides underscore the contentious nature of their relationship and the seriousness of the allegations being made. As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome of this dispute will have significant implications for both Kassan and UTA, shaping the future of their professional reputations and business prospects. The lawsuit against Freedman is just one chapter in a larger saga of legal disputes and accusations between Kassan and UTA, highlighting the challenges of resolving conflicts in the high-stakes world of talent agencies and media companies.

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