After the airing of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV on Investigation Discovery in March 2024, fans of Nickelodeon Teen Nick shows were shocked to hear about allegations of workplace harassment, sexual assault, and other disturbing claims from their favorite stars. One of the most shocking revelations came from Drake Bell, who disclosed that he was sexually assaulted multiple times by a former dialogue coach. Following Bell’s revelations, another former child actor came forward with their own experience.

Drake Bell, known for his role in Drake & Josh, spoke out about the “brutal” sexual abuse he faced at the hands of Brian Peck in the early 2000s during Quiet on Set. Bell described the extensive abuse he endured and how he felt trapped and helpless in the situation. Nickelodeon responded to Bell’s comments by expressing dismay and sadness over the trauma he experienced and commending his bravery in coming forward with his story.

Allie DiMeco, who starred in The Naked Brothers Band, revealed in a TikTok video that she was uncomfortable when she had to kiss a much older man for a scene on the show. She claimed that the production made her feel like she would lose her job if she did not comply with their demands. Allie emphasized the importance of creating an environment where child actors feel comfortable saying no and expressing their discomfort with certain scenes.

Jennette McCurdy, a former cast member of iCarly, detailed in her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, the alleged toxic workplace she experienced while working on the show with “The Creator,” believed to be Dan Schneider. McCurdy recalled instances where she felt pressured and mistreated on set, including a scene where she had to kiss another character, and “The Creator” yelled at her multiple times. She also claimed that Nickelodeon offered her hush money to prevent her from speaking out about her experiences.

Alexa Nikolas, known for her role on Zoey 101, recalled a disturbing incident during a scene on the show where she heard an inappropriate comment made by a man behind the camera. Nikolas has been vocal about her concerns regarding the treatment of child actors on Nickelodeon sets and has called on the network to ensure a safe and professional work environment for all involved. Nickelodeon responded to the allegations by stating that they investigate all formal complaints to maintain a safe and respectful workplace environment.

In light of the allegations brought forth by various former child actors from Nickelodeon shows, it is crucial to address the issue of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry. Resources such as the National Sexual Assault Hotline are available to provide support, guidance, and assistance to those who have experienced sexual abuse. It is important for networks and production companies to prioritize the well-being and safety of all individuals involved in their productions, especially children, and to take active measures to prevent and address any instances of misconduct or abuse.

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