Olivia Rodrigo recreated Nicole Kidman’s beloved AMC commercial in a hilarious TikTok video, where she lip-synced along to Kidman’s famous speech about the magic of cinema. Kidman, 56, reposted Olivia’s video on her Instagram Story, showing her approval of the homage. In the video, Olivia, 21, wore a sparkling outfit and rocked some glittering silver short-shorts, black tights with silver stars, high boots, and a white tank top with the quote “We come to this place for magic.” She lip-synced along with Kidman’s speech as she walked through the theater aisles and seats at Montreal’s Centre Bell.

Olivia made grand gestures and snacked on a gigantic bag of popcorn as she lip-synced Kidman’s speech about the magic of cinema. Kidman reposted the clip, revealing that her daughters are big fans of Olivia Rodrigo and that they would think it was cool that Olivia showed her some love. Kidman expressed her admiration for Olivia by writing, “You just won me some major points with my girls! Adore you, @OliviaRodrigo,” accompanied by laughing crying, white heart, and clapping emojis. The interaction between the two stars delighted fans and showcased the mutual admiration between them.

Nicole Kidman’s iconic AMC ad began airing in theaters in September 2021 as cinemas began to reopen following the COVID-19 pandemic. The ad was only intended to run for about a year but became a meme among movie fans and was continued to be shown by AMC due to its popularity. The theater chain eventually introduced new, shorter ads featuring Kidman on March 1, as reported by Variety. Kidman’s ad, which emphasizes the emotional experience of going to the movies, resonated with audiences and became a cultural touchstone in the world of cinema.

Olivia Rodrigo’s recreation of Nicole Kidman’s AMC commercial in a TikTok video paid homage to Kidman’s iconic speech about the magic of cinemas. Kidman’s approval of the video, as shown by her repost on Instagram, highlighted the impact of her ad and its enduring popularity among fans. The interaction between the two stars symbolizes a passing of the torch from one generation of Hollywood talent to the next, with Kidman supporting Rodrigo’s career and artistic endeavors. Their exchange on social media showcased the positive relationships that can form between artists across different generations.

The video of Olivia Rodrigo lip-syncing to Nicole Kidman’s speech at AMC Theaters garnered attention from fans and followers of both stars. Rodrigo’s playful homage to Kidman’s ad showcased her admiration for the actress and the impact of the commercial on popular culture. Kidman’s response, praising Rodrigo and expressing her daughters’ approval of the video, added a heartwarming touch to the interaction. The shared moment between the two stars resonated with fans and highlighted the importance of celebrating artistic influences and connections across different generations in the entertainment industry.

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