Former Presidents Obama and Clinton, along with several celebrities, came together in New York to show their support for President Biden in anticipation of his reelection campaign. The event at Radio City Music Hall raised a record-setting $25 million for Biden. Obama praised Biden’s willingness to look for common ground and Clinton emphasized the importance of sticking with what works. They also took the opportunity to take jabs at Donald Trump, calling his ideas “old and out of shape.”

The fundraising haul was a significant display of Democratic support for Biden, who has been facing low poll numbers. The event at Radio City Music Hall brought together more than three decades of Democratic leadership. The conversation between Obama, Clinton, and Biden centered on the challenges and loneliness of the presidency, highlighting why Biden was the best candidate for the job. The event combined humor and seriousness, with all three donning sunglasses as a nod to Biden’s trademark accessory.

Protesters disrupted the event over Biden’s handling of the conflict in Gaza and his support for Israel. Biden addressed the concerns, pledging to work to stop civilian deaths while also emphasizing the importance of Israel’s existence. The event featured warm-up speeches from Senate Majority Leader Schumer and performances by entertainers like Lizzo and Mindy Kaling. Obama underscored the importance of having a president who sees and cares about the American people, contrasting Biden with his opponent.

The event had various tiers of access depending on the size of donation, with tickets starting at $225 and exclusive experiences available for larger donors. Obama and Clinton’s involvement helped Biden expand his significant cash advantage over Trump. Biden had $155 million in cash on hand, while Trump had $37 million. The event raised $5 million more than Trump’s February fundraising efforts. Trump is expected to hold a fundraiser in Palm Beach, but concerns have been raised about his campaign’s readiness for a general election battle with Biden.

As the night closed with the three men putting on Biden’s sunglasses, they shared humorous moments and comments. Biden quipped about a meme featuring him with lasers for eyes, creating a light-hearted atmosphere. The event provided a platform for past presidents to discuss the challenges and responsibilities of the presidency, shedding light on Biden and his administration. Overall, the event was a show of unity and support for President Biden as he gears up for his reelection campaign.

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