The Palestinian Authority has formed a new Cabinet in response to international pressure to reform. President Mahmoud Abbas announced the new government in a presidential decree, with Mohammad Mustafa appointed as Prime Minister. Mustafa, a U.S.-educated economist and political independent, has vowed to create a technocratic government and an independent trust fund to help rebuild Gaza. The Interior Minister, Ziad Hab al-Rih, is a member of Abbas’ Fatah movement and will oversee the security forces.

There are at least five ministers from Gaza in the new Cabinet, although it is unclear if they are still in the territory. The Palestinian Authority, which administers parts of the West Bank, lost control of Gaza to Hamas in 2007 and has no power there. The PA’s lack of popular support among Palestinians is compounded by its failure to hold elections in 18 years and its unpopular cooperation with Israel on security matters. Polls show that a majority of Palestinians want Abbas to resign.

The U.S. has called for a revitalized Palestinian Authority to administer post-war Gaza in preparation for eventual statehood, but Israel has rejected this idea. Israel insists on maintaining security control over Gaza and partnering with non-PA Palestinians or Hamas members. The Biden administration is waiting to see if the new Cabinet will deliver on the reforms it has called for. Hamas, on the other hand, rejects the new government and calls for a power-sharing arrangement among all Palestinian factions ahead of national elections.

Hamas has warned Gazans against cooperating with Israel to administer the territory, threatening to treat collaborators as enemies. It remains unclear who in Gaza would be willing to take on such a role. The international community is closely watching the developments in the Palestinian Authority, with both the U.S. and Israel expressing their positions on the situation. The future of Palestinian governance remains uncertain, as internal divisions and external pressures continue to shape the political landscape.

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