Porsha Williams has reportedly requested an emergency hearing after her estranged husband, Simon Guobadia, changed the locks in their shared home following her divorce filing. Williams accused Guobadia of disabling her access to the gate of their marital residence, effectively blocking her ability to enter the house. She claimed they have lived in the home since November 2022 and signed a prenuptial agreement when they got married, which indicated that Guobadia would have to vacate the house within 30 days in the event of a divorce.

The recent filing by Williams comes after Guobadia alleged that she brought an “armed gunman” to their shared home and accused her of abandoning the house at one point before returning with a man visibly bearing a gun on two separate occasions. Guobadia claimed he called the police to maintain peace and accused Williams of trying to force him out of the house by having third parties call and harass him. He also alleged that Williams’ behavior has been erratic, unstable, threatening, and harassing towards the house staff and the minor children, causing safety concerns.

As a result of Williams’ alleged behavior, Guobadia is seeking a restraining order against her. The couple, who do not share children together, both have children from previous relationships. Williams shares a daughter with her ex Dennis McKinley, while Guobadia is a father to five children. The situation between the estranged spouses has escalated following the divorce filing, with both parties making allegations against each other and seeking legal action to address the issues.

Williams’ legal filing also highlighted the exclusivity of her rights to the marital residence in the divorce as per the prenuptial agreement, making it illegal for Guobadia to change the locks and block her access to the house. The details of their prenup play a significant role in the ongoing dispute between the two, with each party trying to assert their legal rights and seek resolution through the court system. The alleged incidents involving an armed individual at the shared home further complicate the situation and add to the tumultuous nature of the divorce proceedings.

The rift between Williams and Guobadia has become public with their legal battles and accusations against each other playing out in the media. The couple’s once-shared home has become a focal point of their dispute, with each party claiming rights to the residence based on their legal agreement and the circumstances surrounding their divorce. The involvement of law enforcement and legal professionals indicates the seriousness of the situation and the need for intervention to address the conflict and ensure the safety of all parties involved. As the legal proceedings continue, the future of the couple’s relationship and living arrangements remains uncertain.

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