Porsha Williams has decided not to respond to every document Simon Guobadia releases to the press amid their divorce proceedings and will rely on legal documents signed before they were married. Williams’ attorney, Randall M. Kessler, hopes that Guobadia will agree to handle matters in court rather than in the media. Any superfluous documents or media antics from Guobadia will be disregarded and used legally as needed to support Williams’ position.

Guobadia has been making disparaging claims against Williams in legal motions, including accusing her of bringing a “gunman” to their home, which she denies. Williams’ legal team clarifies that both parties always had personal security, and Guobadia’s attempt to paint a false narrative should be addressed in court. Guobadia has also sent a cease-and-desist letter to the production company behind “RHOA” demanding that filming stops at his house, though nothing has been filmed there for the upcoming season.

Williams filed for divorce from Guobadia in February after one year of marriage, citing his allegedly vindictive behavior, including changing the door locks on their home to prevent her access. The prenuptial agreement requires Guobadia to vacate the home within 30 days of a divorce filing, which he has failed to do. Williams, who shares a daughter with her ex Dennis McKinley, has severed all public ties with Guobadia, including removing his last name from her social media accounts.

Reports of Guobadia’s alleged immigration fraud and threats of deportation contributed to Williams’ decision to leave him, along with other concerning behavior. Williams expressed her disappointment in the breakdown of their relationship and lack of protection for herself and their daughter. She emphasizes that there are multiple reasons for their divorce and plans to list them out in the legal proceedings. Despite her love and trust for Guobadia, she believes that his actions have not shown the same level of care and commitment towards their family.

Williams’ attorney urges Guobadia to handle the divorce proceedings through the court system rather than through the media. While Guobadia continues to make public statements and legal motions against Williams, she remains focused on presenting her legal position in court. The divorce between Williams and Guobadia is already a public spectacle, with both parties making headlines for their ongoing legal battle and public accusations against each other. Ultimately, Williams hopes to resolve their divorce in a fair and appropriate manner through the legal system.

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