“Long Live the Tyrant: Life and Times of Giancarlo DiTrapano” is a feature documentary being developed as an Italy-U.S. coproduction. DiTrapano, often referred to as the “Basquiat of the New York literary scene,” was the founder of the literary magazine New York Tyrant and the boutique publishing house Tyrant Books. He championed avant-garde work and took chances on young, untested writers. The film is written and directed by Guia Cortassa and Vittorio Antonacci, with Ian Thornton serving as one of the producers alongside Jennifer Buzzelli and Giulio D’Antona, with support from the Giancarlo DiTrapano Foundation. The project is in the production stage, with a large portion of the budget secured, and filming about to begin in Italy.

DiTrapano passed away at the age of 47 in 2021, and his legacy includes publishing works like Atticus Lish’s “Preparation for the Next Life,” which won the 2015 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. “The Complete Gary Lutz” by Garielle Lutz and “The Sarah Book” by Scott McClanahan are other notable works published by Tyrant. DiTrapano had a unique approach to publishing, focusing on works that may not appeal to everyone but had artistic value. The upcoming documentary aims to tell his story through the voices of his friends, family, authors he worked with, and people who knew and valued him, using personal footage and photographs to explore his poetic existence and the places he loved and lived in.

The idea for the documentary was initiated by Guia Cortassa, a Milan-based writer with connections to DiTrapano from their previous interactions in the literary world. After learning about his passing in 2021, Cortassa felt compelled to share his story with a wider audience. With the collaboration of Vittorio Antonacci, Jennifer Buzzelli, and Ian Thornton, the project took shape as a documentary exploring DiTrapano’s life and work from his childhood in West Virginia to his time in New York City and finally to Naples, where he moved with his husband before his death. The documentary will focus on his editorial endeavors between 2009 and his passing, highlighting his unique approach to publishing and his support for underdog writers in the industry.

The filmmakers aim to capture DiTrapano’s continuous discovery, scouting, and love for unknown and unheard voices in literature through the documentary. DiTrapano’s legacy as a publisher who bypassed traditional gatekeepers like agents to work directly with authors is a key aspect that will be explored, emphasizing his genuine approach to supporting artists. With a wealth of archival research and input from authors and individuals connected to DiTrapano, the film will provide an in-depth look at his impact on the literary scene and the lives he touched. Production on the documentary is set to begin in Italy, with the team working towards completing funding and securing a narrator, with Paul Giamatti at the top of their wish list.

The filmmakers behind “Long Live the Tyrant” have a wealth of experience in the industry. Vittorio Antonacci, an Italian writer, journalist, and producer, has worked on various documentaries and comedy specials, while Jennifer Buzzelli brings 25 years of experience in international co-production, distribution, and programming. Ian Thornton, a novelist and co-producer on the documentary “The Face of Anonymous,” has several projects in development, including docuseries and scripted dramas. Together, they aim to honor DiTrapano’s legacy and shed light on his contributions to the literary world, offering a unique perspective on an influential figure in independent publishing.

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