Rebel Wilson, known for her roles in “Pitch Perfect” and “Senior Year,” recently opened up about losing her virginity at the age of 35. She hopes that her experience can serve as a positive message to younger people, emphasizing that not everyone has to lose their virginity in their teenage years. Wilson believes that it is important to wait until one is ready or more mature, without feeling pressured to engage in sexual activity at a young age.

In her new memoir, “Rebel Rising,” Wilson revealed that she used to feel embarrassed about being a virgin as a teenager and would sometimes lie about having had sex to avoid discussions on the topic. She considered herself a late bloomer and would leave the room during conversations about sex. Wilson recalled feeling like a loser when people would comment on her age, thinking 35 was a much older age to have lost her virginity compared to others.

As Wilson reflects on her life in her 40s, she acknowledges that she would have explored her sexuality more if she had been born 20 years later. Initially thinking that being attracted to men was the normal thing, Wilson’s perspective shifted after her father’s death, leading her to consider marriage and eventually developing feelings for women. This experience allowed her to see the changing landscape of societal norms regarding sexuality.

In February 2023, Wilson announced her engagement to her partner, Ramona Agruma, showcasing an image of the stunning ring on Instagram. She expressed gratitude to Tiffany & Co. for the ring and Disney Weddings for a magical surprise at Disneyland. Additionally, Wilson welcomed her first child, daughter Royce, in November 2022 via surrogate. These significant life events have had a profound impact on Wilson in recent years.

“Rebel Rising” details Wilson’s journey and personal growth, offering insight into her experiences and perspectives on love, sexuality, and self-discovery. With the book set to release in April 2023, Wilson’s fans can expect to gain a deeper understanding of her life and the transformative moments that have shaped her. Through her honesty and openness, Wilson hopes to inspire others to embrace their own journeys and choices, regardless of societal expectations or norms.

Wilson’s story serves as a reminder that everyone’s path to intimacy and self-discovery is unique and that there is no right or wrong timeline for these experiences. By sharing her own journey, Wilson encourages others to embrace their individuality and authenticity, empowering them to make choices that feel right for them. As she continues to navigate life’s twists and turns, Wilson remains committed to being true to herself and living authentically, inspiring others to do the same.

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