Rebel Wilson’s upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising,” includes a shocking excerpt detailing her feelings of fear towards her “Grimsby” co-star Sacha Baron Cohen. Wilson recalls instances where Cohen allegedly pressured her to film nude scenes and asked her to stick her finger up his butt during a filming session. Despite feeling uncomfortable and refusing to partake in such activities, Wilson eventually compromised by slapping Cohen’s backside and improvising lines to escape the situation. She also mentions having to film an intimate scene with Cohen and later refusing to partake in promotional activities for the film due to her discomfort.

Wilson explains that it took some time for the gravity of the situation to sink in and decided to share her story in the hopes that it would discourage such behavior in the future. She mentions that speaking out about incidents like this is important in raising awareness and potentially preventing such situations from occurring. The actress had shared similar stories about Cohen during a radio show in 2014 and decided to name him as the person she referred to as a “massive a–hole” in her memoir. Despite facing backlash and attempts to prevent the release of her book, Wilson remains steadfast in her decision to share her experiences.

Cohen has denied any wrongdoing and his representative has provided evidence and statements from individuals associated with the film, claiming that Wilson was treated with respect and empowerment during the production. However, Wilson has remained firm in her allegations and has stated that she will not be threatened into silence. The actress emphasizes the importance of speaking up about uncomfortable or inappropriate situations, especially in the entertainment industry. Wilson’s decision to share her story has sparked conversations about consent, respect, and boundaries in the workplace.

Wilson’s memoir, which is set to be released on April 2, sheds light on the challenges and uncomfortable experiences she faced while working in the entertainment industry. The actress’s decision to speak out about her encounters with Cohen highlights the need for accountability and awareness of inappropriate behavior. Wilson hopes that by sharing her story, she can contribute to a safer and more respectful work environment for women in the industry. Despite facing pushback and criticism, Wilson remains steadfast in her commitment to raising awareness and holding individuals accountable for their actions. The actress’s courage and determination to share her experiences serve as a reminder of the importance of speaking out against misconduct and creating a culture of respect and consent in the workplace.

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