Rebel Wilson publicly spoke out against Sacha Baron Cohen, accusing him of trying to prevent her forthcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising,” from being released. She referred to him as an “a**hole” and shared her determination to not be bullied or threatened by him. Wilson reassured fans that Cohen is only briefly mentioned in the book, with one chapter focused on him, but the specific details of what she wrote about him remain unknown.

The feud between Wilson and Cohen escalated after he denied her claims and stated that they were false and unsupported by evidence. Wilson first hinted at working with a prominent and unpleasant figure in a March 15 Instagram video, later revealing that it was Cohen she referred to. She alleged that he had hired crisis PR managers and lawyers to prevent information about her book from going public. Wilson made it clear that she was not going to back down and decided to address the issue openly to show that she won’t be silenced by legal threats.

Despite the controversy, Wilson’s book is still set to be released on April 2. In her Instagram post, she stated that the book is not centered around Cohen, with him being mentioned in just one chapter. The actress seemed determined to stand her ground and ensure that her book sees the light of day. Cohen’s representatives denied Wilson’s claims and reiterated that there is extensive evidence contradicting her allegations, including documents, footage, and eyewitness accounts related to their collaboration on “The Brothers Grimsby” in 2016.

Wilson’s decision to publicly confront Cohen and his alleged attempts to prevent her book’s release shows her resilience and determination in the face of adversity. By refusing to be bullied or threatened, she demonstrated her commitment to telling her story and not letting anyone silence her. The ongoing feud between Wilson and Cohen has caught the attention of fans and the media, with many waiting to see how the situation unfolds leading up to the release of “Rebel Rising.” Despite the drama surrounding the book, Wilson remains focused on sharing her story and standing up for herself against efforts to suppress her voice.

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