In 3 Body Problem, humanity is in chaos after learning that aliens are real and en route to Earth. Riots, protests, hoarding of resources, and religious fanaticism are prevalent. Ye Wenjie sees this as a reflection of human darkness and remains resolute in her resolve to destroy the old world and forge a new one, despite criticism from Jin. Thomas Wade remains calm and hires a team of nerds, with physicist Jin leading the design of a plan to launch a light speed probe at the alien fleet using nuclear bombs. The series emphasizes science and rational thought as tools against the alien threat.

The idea of scientists using their brilliance to unleash destructive power echoes Robert Oppenheimer’s moral quandaries about nuclear weapons. Auggie, struggling with Wade’s tactics, eventually joins Jin’s research team to develop a space probe. Will, facing his own mortality, decides to purchase a star as part of a war fundraising project, mirroring real-life trends of the wealthy acquiring ownership rights to stars. Wade’s team also works on a project to build a moon base at Mare Imbrium, signaling a shift towards space exploration.

The episode focuses on humanity’s response to the realization of an alien threat, with the San-Ti themselves remaining unseen. Despite the specter of the sophon and the potential alien invasion, human conflicts and self-destructive tendencies take center stage. Ye Wenjie, freed from custody by Da Shi, returns home and reflects on her beliefs, including the idea of destroying the old world to create a new one. She contemplates the consequences of her actions and expresses hope for a fair fight in the future.

Amidst the chaos, Jin and her boyfriend Raj begin to drift apart, with Raj considering a move to the Moon. Wade’s projects, including the space probe and moon base, show a shift towards space exploration and defense against the alien threat. Humanity’s fascination with the Stars Our Destination project reflects the desire for a future war with aliens rather than dealing with current problems. Ye Wenjie, still communicating with the San-Ti, reflects on her role in shaping humanity’s future and the potential for a fair fight in the centuries to come.

Overall, the episode explores themes of human response to existential threats, the use of science and technology to combat unknown forces, and the impact of individual choices on the future of humanity. Characters like Jin, Ye Wenjie, and Will navigate the complexities of their beliefs and relationships while facing the looming threat of an alien invasion. As tensions rise and alliances shift, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, with the possibility of a new world emerging from the ashes of the old.

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