In the Season 1 finale of 3 Body Problem, viewers are left with promising moves towards global defense against an omniscient alien aggressor, the San-Ti, as well as significant setbacks. The main character, Saul Durand, is thrust into the Planetary Defense Council as a Wallfacer, along with other key figures, to strategize against the alien threat. The San-Ti’s ability to manipulate autonomous systems to target individuals, such as Nora, who is killed in a car collision, raises the stakes for Saul and humanity as a whole in their fight against the aliens.

As a Wallfacer, Saul must keep his strategies and plans hidden from the San-Ti, maintaining the purity and privacy of his thoughts until it’s time to execute. This secrecy presents challenges as Saul is unable to share his thoughts with anyone, even those closest to him. Meanwhile, Jin’s Staircase Project results in the deployment of Auggie’s nanosail, ultimately leading to Will Downing’s brain being launched into space after a structural malfunction causes the probe to falter, impacting Jin and Will’s love story.

The mysterious murder of Ye Wenjie in China, presumably orchestrated by Tatiana, further complicates the situation. Ye’s cryptic joke about Einstein and God takes on new meaning in the context of Saul’s role as a Wallfacer, raising questions about what Ye knew about the aliens and humanity’s fight against them. Tatiana’s discovery of a custom game headset in her camper van hints at the continued involvement of the San-Ti in the conflict, as Thomas Wade experiences turbulence on his private jet.

As the survivors of the Oxford Five, including Thomas Wade, continue to navigate the threats posed by the San-Ti, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. The potential renewal of the show for a second season leaves the future uncertain, but the relentless efforts of humanity to defend against a threat that transcends comprehension will likely drive the narrative forward. The complexity of the Wallfacer Program and the ongoing battle against the San-Ti set the stage for further exploration of humanity’s resilience and ingenuity in the face of existential threats.

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