In an episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” Tom Schwartz revealed that he had kissed Scheana Shay in Las Vegas in 2013 while he was dating Katie Maloney. He mentioned the incident in a conversation with Lala Kent, stating that everyone has done stupid things in the past. Schwartz admitted that he was in a rocky moment with Maloney when the kiss happened. Later, he shared the news with Scheana because he felt it was a reminder that everyone makes mistakes at some point.

After learning about the kiss, Lala Kent questioned Schwartz about whether he had told Maloney about it. When Kent eventually told Maloney about the incident, she was shocked and had many questions about the details. Maloney then confronted Scheana about the alleged makeout, and Scheana clarified that it was not a makeout as Schwartz had described, but rather a simple kiss. She also mentioned that she was actually making out with Ariana Madix during that trip.

Scheana admitted that she had never told anyone about the kiss because she didn’t want to create drama, especially since Maloney had a rocky relationship with her at the time. Maloney was upset that this information was withheld from her, especially since Scheana was a bridesmaid in her wedding to Schwartz. Maloney expressed her disappointment in Scheana for not being truthful with her and questioned if she could trust her after this revelation.

Despite Scheana’s explanation that she didn’t want to hurt Maloney further by telling her about the kiss, Maloney wished that she had known about it earlier. Maloney filed for divorce from Schwartz in March 2022, adding more weight to the situation. She expressed her distrust towards Scheana for not being upfront about the incident and for keeping it a secret for years. The conversation between Maloney and Scheana left Maloney questioning if she could ever fully trust or be close to Scheana again.

The episode ended with Maloney acknowledging that she would have expected such behavior from Schwartz but was disappointed in Scheana for not disclosing the information earlier. Maloney’s trust in Scheana was shaken, leading to uncertainty about the future of their friendship. The situation highlighted the complexities of relationships and the impact of keeping secrets on trust and closeness. “Vanderpump Rules” airs on Bravo and Peacock, continuing to delve into the drama and relationships of the cast.

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