In exciting news, it has been revealed that Ariana Madix will be taking over as the host of “Love Island USA” for the upcoming Season 6, replacing Sarah Hyland who has hosted the show for the last two seasons. Although Madix has not officially signed a deal for the hosting gig, sources suggest that it is expected to be finalized soon and an official announcement will follow shortly after.

Sarah Hyland, who declined to return as the host of “Love Island USA” due to a conflicting job offer with the show’s shooting dates, confirmed the news through a statement on her Instagram Story. She expressed her sadness at not being able to continue as the host but wished for a season filled with love on Peacock.

Madix, who appeared as a guest host during Season 5 of “Love Island,” is a self-proclaimed fan of the show and was thrilled to be able to surprise contestants on the series. She revealed her obsession with “Love Island” during a past season of “Vanderpump Rules” and expressed her excitement at being able to live her dream of hosting the show.

The news of Madix taking over as the host of “Love Island USA” comes after it was revealed that Hyland had declined to return for another season. Prior to Hyland, Arielle Vandenberg served as the host for the first three seasons of the reality dating show, which is a spinoff of the popular British series of the same name.

Madix’s journey to becoming the host of “Love Island USA” started with a cameo appearance during Season 5, where she hosted a game and interacted with the contestants. Following that, she went on to compete in “Dancing with the Stars” and is currently starring in the Broadway production of “Chicago,” showcasing her versatility as an entertainer.

With the formal announcement of Madix as the new host of “Love Island USA” expected to be made soon, fans of the show are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season and the fresh energy that she will bring to the series. As details continue to unfold, viewers can look forward to a season filled with drama, romance, and unexpected twists that “Love Island” is known for.

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