Kate Middleton recently met with King Charles III before announcing her own cancer diagnosis. According to insiders, the Princess of Wales had lunch with her father-in-law to discuss their shared health experiences. The bond between Middleton and Charles has always been strong, with Middleton showing an interest in art and culture, a common interest they share. Middleton and Charles spent time together at The London Clinic in January while the king underwent treatment and Middleton planned abdominal surgery.

As Charles continues his treatment, sources report that he is progressing well and planning his summer agenda. Middleton, on the other hand, announced her cancer diagnosis on Friday, revealing that she had undergone major abdominal surgery in January which was initially thought to be non-cancerous. However, tests after the surgery indicated that cancer was present, prompting her to undergo preventative chemotherapy. While she did not disclose the type of cancer she has, Middleton described the diagnosis as a huge shock and expressed that she and her husband have been privately processing the news for the sake of their children.

In their efforts to shield their children from the news, Middleton and Prince William wanted to make sure their kids had enough time to understand and process the information before it became public. Following Middleton’s announcement, Charles expressed his pride in her courage in speaking openly about her diagnosis. The spokesperson for Buckingham Palace stated that Charles has maintained close contact with Middleton throughout the past weeks. Royal author Valentine Low suggests that Middleton may have felt pressure to announce her diagnosis due to speculation about her absence since Christmas 2023.

Since the announcement, Middleton has received apologies from celebrities who had made jokes about conspiracy theories surrounding her absence, including rumors of an affair scandal and heavily edited photos. The support from Charles and the public has been crucial for Middleton as she navigates her treatment and public disclosure of her diagnosis. The royal family’s solidarity in the face of challenging circumstances showcases their strength and grace under pressure. Middleton’s openness about her cancer journey serves as an example of courage and resilience for others facing similar challenges.

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