Rihanna shared in a recent interview that she wanted her children to have their hair braided as a form of protection from their ancestors, and to reconnect with their cultural history. She has two sons with her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, and credits him with teaching her more about the significance of braiding. Rihanna has been familiar with braids since her childhood in Barbados, where local moms would braid their children’s hair as a way to show love despite having busy schedules. From an aesthetic standpoint, Rihanna sees braids as a versatile and beautiful hairstyle that offers various styling possibilities.

While Rihanna displayed her own box braids on the cover of Vogue China during her interview, she reminisced about tourists in Barbados braiding their hair on the beach and how she always wanted to do it herself but let others braid her hair instead. She mentioned her mother braids her hair, but she prefers going to a salon for a longer-lasting style. Rihanna welcomed her first son, RZA, in May 2022, and her second son, Riot, in August 2023, with Rocky, whom she has been dating since 2020. Rihanna shared that watching Rocky embrace fatherhood made her love and appreciate him even more, as she admired his patience and love as a father.

Rihanna’s dedication to braiding her children’s hair reflects her desire to maintain a connection to their cultural heritage and ancestral roots. She sees braiding as a practice that symbolizes protection and tradition passed down from generations before. Growing up in Barbados, Rihanna experienced local moms braiding their children’s hair as a way to show love even when they were busy working multiple jobs. She appreciates the beauty and versatility of braids, admiring the various styling options and looks that can be achieved with this hairstyle.

As a mother, Rihanna prioritizes braiding her children’s hair as a form of protection and a means of preserving their cultural history. She acknowledges the significance of braiding in connecting with her roots and ancestors, and she aims to pass down this tradition to her children. Rihanna credits her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, for teaching her more about the cultural and historical context behind braiding, expanding her understanding and appreciation for this practice. Through her personal experiences growing up in Barbados and witnessing tourists braiding their hair on the beach, Rihanna has developed a deep appreciation for the art of braiding and the diverse possibilities it offers in terms of style and aesthetics.

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