Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who spent several years behind bars, got married to her husband Ryan Scott Anderson in 2022, but the couple ended up separating just three months later. Gypsy announced the separation on Facebook, stating that she had moved in with her parents for support during this difficult time. The couple had plans for a family and more, with Ryan even speaking highly of Gypsy in interviews.

Ryan, a middle school special education teacher from Lake Charles, Louisiana, reached out to Gypsy in 2020 while she was in prison, after watching the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Their correspondence led to an emotional connection, with Ryan becoming Gypsy’s “emotional backbone for the last 3 years.” He described her as the most compassionate person he had ever met, despite her emotional challenges.

Gypsy and Ryan tied the knot in 2022 despite meeting in person in 2021, opting for a small prison ceremony before planning a wedding reception for their family and friends. However, their relationship faced challenges, with Gypsy contemplating an annulment in November of the same year. Despite announcing their separation, they never filed for an annulment and decided to stay together by mid-2023.

After leaving prison in 2023, Gypsy Rose spoke highly of Ryan and their relationship in interviews, praising his kindness and cooking skills. She also openly shared details of their sex life in response to haters. Prior to Ryan, Gypsy was engaged to Ken, whom she met through a pen pal initiative, but they broke off their engagement in 2019. She was also involved in a complicated relationship with Nicholas Godejohn, who killed her mother in 2015.

Gypsy Rose was released from prison in December 2023, seen leaving with Ryan by her side. Despite their ups and downs, the couple is looking forward to starting their life together, with Gypsy acknowledging the challenges of explaining her past to their future children. Despite their separation and reconciliation, Gypsy and Ryan seem committed to making their marriage work and moving forward together.

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