Sarah Ferguson, who recently battled her own cancer diagnosis, shared her support for Kate Middleton after the princess announced her own diagnosis. Ferguson expressed her admiration for Middleton’s openness in discussing her diagnosis and encouraged her followers to give Middleton privacy as she begins her treatment. Ferguson, who was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and underwent a mastectomy earlier this year, assured her followers that she remains in good spirits despite her health challenges.

Middleton revealed that she was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer at the beginning of 2024. She underwent major abdominal surgery, which was initially thought to be noncancerous, but subsequent tests revealed the presence of cancer. Middleton is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy and is in the early stages of treatment. She and Prince William decided to keep the diagnosis private to protect their young family, taking time to explain the situation to their children.

Middleton asked for privacy as she undergoes treatment and recovers from surgery, stating that she is getting stronger every day. The family flew to Anmer Hall for a week-long getaway, planning to spend the kids’ Easter break at their Sandringham Estate property. Middleton will not be attending this year’s holiday church service at St George’s Chapel, as confirmed by Page Six. Despite the challenges, Middleton remains positive and hopeful about her recovery.

Ferguson, who had her own battle with cancer earlier this year, expressed her solidarity with Middleton as she embarks on her own treatment journey. Ferguson was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and underwent a mastectomy to treat breast cancer. She praised Middleton’s bravery in speaking publicly about her diagnosis and explained that she knows firsthand the importance of raising awareness about cancer.

Middleton’s diagnosis caused concern and speculation due to her absence from public events following her surgery. She clarified the situation in a video shared to Instagram, explaining the timeline of events and how she discovered the presence of cancer after the initial surgery. Middleton emphasized the importance of taking time to recover from surgery and prepare for her chemotherapy treatment, especially in protecting her children from unnecessary worry.

Despite the challenges they face, both Ferguson and Middleton remain optimistic and determined to fight their respective battles with cancer. They have shown strength and resilience in handling their diagnoses and treatments. Middleton’s decision to share her story with the public reflects her desire to raise awareness and encourage others facing similar health challenges. Both women have received an outpouring of support from their followers and the public, showing the power of solidarity and empathy in times of struggle.

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