Late-night host Seth Meyers made a hilarious prediction about what former President Donald Trump’s next move in merchandising might be. During a recent episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Meyers joked about the possibility of Trump selling “filthy” merchandise as he continues to capitalize on his political brand. Meyers poked fun at the idea of Trump selling items that would be considered inappropriate or offensive, considering his history of controversial statements and actions.

Meyers pointed out that Trump has a long history of selling various products, including steaks, wine, and clothing, and has even attempted to trademark phrases such as “Make America Great Again.” With Trump launching his own social media platform and continuing to play a prominent role in conservative politics, Meyers speculated that the former president might try to cash in on his popularity with a new line of merchandise. He jokingly suggested that Trump could start selling items that are “extremely filthy,” playing off of the idea that the former president is unapologetically brash and politically incorrect.

The late-night host’s prediction comes as Trump faces multiple ongoing legal battles and controversies, including investigations into his financial dealings and potential involvement in the January 6th Capitol insurrection. Despite these challenges, Trump has maintained a strong base of supporters who continue to rally behind him, making his presence in the political arena a lingering force. Meyers’ humorous take on Trump’s potential merch moves reflects the ongoing interest and concern about the former president’s next steps in public life.

Meyers’ prediction highlights the absurdity of Trump’s branding and marketing tactics, which have often been characterized by their over-the-top nature and shameless self-promotion. By suggesting that Trump could dive into selling “filthy” merchandise, Meyers is poking fun at the former president’s penchant for shock value and controversy. This kind of satire is a common theme in late-night comedy, as hosts like Meyers use humor to critique and comment on the most outrageous elements of current events and political figures.

As Trump continues to loom large in the public consciousness, comedians like Seth Meyers provide a comedic lens through which to view his actions and persona. Meyers’ ability to take a lighthearted approach to Trump’s potential merchandising choices underscores the absurdity of the former president’s brand and the lengths to which he will go to maintain his relevance in the political landscape. Despite the serious nature of the issues facing Trump, Meyers’ humor offers a moment of levity in an otherwise contentious and polarizing political environment.

Ultimately, Meyers’ prediction about Trump’s next merch move serves as a reminder of the former president’s enduring presence in American politics and culture. As Trump continues to explore new avenues to maintain his visibility and influence, comedians like Seth Meyers will be there to provide witty and incisive commentary on his every move. Whether or not Trump actually starts selling “filthy” merchandise remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: his impact on the national conversation is far from over, and late-night hosts like Meyers will continue to find ways to keep us laughing in the face of political chaos.

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