At the Cinevesture International Film Festival and market in India, veteran filmmaker Shekhar Kapur engaged in a candid, philosophical conversation with his daughter, singer-songwriter-composer Kaveri Kapur. Shekhar Kapur is known for a diverse range of films, including Indian classics like “Masoom” and “Mr. India,” the biopic “Bandit Queen,” the Oscar-winning “Elizabeth,” and more recent projects like “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

During the conversation, Shekhar Kapur opened up about his hidden fears, admitting that he finds panic to be a driving force for creativity. He shared insights into his creative process, describing how he plans meticulously for a film shoot, only to be faced with uncertainty and improvisation on set. He emphasized the importance of being open to the unexpected and allowing the moment to guide the creative process.

Kaveri Kapur also shared her struggles with mental health, noting that she began experiencing issues as a child but they were not fully recognized until later. She expressed support for her father, reassuring him that he shouldn’t blame himself for her challenges. She spoke about her fascination with human nature and the exploration of dark themes in her art, acknowledging that the darker aspects of life are a natural part of existence.

Shekhar Kapur revealed that he feels guilty for his daughter’s struggles with anxiety and mental health, attributing some of it to the way he and her mother handled their separation. He expressed concern about Kaveri’s tendency to explore dark themes in her work, feeling apprehensive about her focus on such aspects of life. However, Kaveri defended her artistic choices, explaining that delving into the darker aspects of human nature is essential for honest storytelling.

As a father, Shekhar Kapur is launching Kaveri as an actor in “Masoom… The New Generation,” a continuation of his 1983 directorial debut. He praised her for her honest portrayal of human nature and the depth of her explorations in her art. Kaveri expressed her excitement about acting and discovering the complexities of human behavior through her work, emphasizing the importance of exploring both the light and dark aspects of life in her art.

The conversation between Shekhar and Kaveri Kapur touched on themes of anxiety, creativity, mental health, and the exploration of dark themes in art. Both father and daughter shared their perspectives on these issues, highlighting the complexities of the creative process and the importance of being true to oneself in artistic expression. Despite their differences in approach, they both emphasized the need for authenticity and honesty in storytelling.

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