Mending the Line is a film streaming on Netflix that follows the story of two veterans, John Colter and Ike Fletcher, who form an unlikely friendship through fly-fishing as they both recover from the scars of war. Colter is a young Marine recovering from an injury in Afghanistan, while Ike is an older Marine managing a diagnosis that cannot be treated. The two are paired up by their doctor, Dr. Burke, with the hope of benefiting Colter’s mental health and improving Ike’s safety while fishing. Along the way, Colter also meets Lucy, a local librarian dealing with her own grief.

The movie explores themes of trauma, healing, and the bonds that can form between individuals going through a difficult time. While the film may remind viewers of other movies with similar subject matter, such as “Causeway” and “A River Runs Through It,” it falls short in terms of pacing and engagement. The performances are solid, with Wes Studi delivering a standout performance in a supporting role. However, the dialogue can feel cliched at times, with some unintentionally funny moments throughout.

Despite its well-intentioned approach to addressing the psychological wounds of veterans, Mending the Line struggles to fully engage viewers in its storytelling. The film takes its time to establish the characters and their backgrounds, often delaying key information until later in the movie. While it does offer some valuable insights into the experiences of veterans, the execution falls flat, with the fly-fishing scenes lacking the visual impact and excitement that one might expect.

Overall, Mending the Line is a sensitive and earnest exploration of the challenges faced by veterans, but it may not fully resonate with audiences looking for a more engaging and dynamic storytelling experience. While the film is available for streaming on Netflix, viewers looking for a more compelling exploration of similar themes may want to consider other options. Ultimately, Mending the Line may be best suited for those who appreciate quiet, character-driven dramas with a focus on personal growth and healing.

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