The Accountant, available on Netflix, is a non-superhero movie starring Ben Affleck in the lead role. The film follows Christian Wolff, an autistic man who works as a CPA specializing in solving financial issues for shady companies. When he and another accountant, Dana, uncover a problem at a robotics company, they become targets of assassins. Christian must use his skills as both a financial expert and trained killer to protect Dana and take down their enemies, all while being pursued by the Treasury Department.

The movie is reminiscent of airport-novel pulp heroes and white-collar crime thrillers, with elements of action and suspense. The performances by the cast, including Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, and Jon Bernthal, are notable, with Kendrick standing out for her likable and believable portrayal of Dana. Despite the outlandish circumstances, the chemistry between Christian and Dana adds depth to the story, making their relationship a highlight of the film.

The Accountant blends elements of corporate malfeasance thrillers and action movies, creating a throwback to ‘90s-era films with a modern twist. Director Gavin O’Connor delivers a slick and high-production value film that feels like a big-studio thriller from a bygone era. The movie’s pacing and narrative complexity may be overwhelming at times, with characters delivering backstory-heavy monologues to explain the convoluted plot.

One of the movie’s questionable aspects is its portrayal of an autistic man as a sort of superhero/Terminator figure, which may come across as condescending and unrealistic. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Christian Wolff may be seen as misguided, but the stacked cast of characters and their interactions keep the film entertaining. Despite its flaws and murky motivations, The Accountant delivers an action-packed and engaging movie experience that keeps audiences entertained throughout.

Overall, The Accountant is a mix of different genres and ideas, making it a unique and engaging watch. While it may not reach the same heights as other action movies like the John Wick series, it still offers an entertaining and enjoyable viewing experience. The film’s combination of suspense, action, and drama, along with strong performances from the cast, make it worth streaming for fans of Ben Affleck and action-thrillers. With its blend of genres and compelling characters, The Accountant offers a fun and engaging movie night option for those looking for an entertaining escape.

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