Tom Cruise decided to end his relationship with his Russian girlfriend, Elsina Khayrova, due to concerns over her ex-husband, Dmitry Tsvetkov, a diamond trader who warned the actor to be cautious. Tsvetkov gave an interview to the Daily Mail detailing his marriage to Khayrova and expressing his admiration for Cruise, even going as far as suggesting the actor play him in a movie about his life. Cruise’s team was worried about the potential for negative comments from Tsvetkov in the press affecting Cruise’s filming schedule for his upcoming project, prompting the decision to end the relationship.

The split between Cruise and Khayrova was reported by The Sun in late February, with sources stating that there were no hard feelings between the couple and that the relationship had simply run its course. Khayrova, the daughter of a Vladamir Putin ally, comes from a wealthy background and has been enjoying her time at a luxury hotel in Cyprus following the breakup. Despite the separation, it is reported that Khayrova still holds out hope for a possible rekindling of their romance.

Tsvetkov, who has British citizenship and connections to powerful figures in Russia, claimed to have survived assassination attempts and to have spent millions on luxury items for his ex-wife during their marriage. The couple’s divorce was a high-profile and contentious affair involving disputes over a mansion, multiple properties, expensive cars, jewelry, and artwork. Tsvetkov warned that anyone dating Khayrova should be aware of her expensive tastes and luxurious lifestyle.

Cruise, who is known for his action-packed film roles and performing his own stunts, has been busy filming the eighth installment of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise in London. The actor was seen sprinting through the city for a scene, showcasing his dedication to his craft. Despite the split from Khayrova, Cruise remains focused on his work and appears to be enjoying his time in London, where he has reportedly fallen in love with the city and was shopping for apartments in the UK in 2022.

Khayrova had been spotted with Cruise at a party in London in December and had attended one of his exclusive tea parties at his penthouse in Hyde Park before their relationship became public. While there were no hard feelings between Cruise and Khayrova, it was decided that the relationship had run its course and the two parted ways. Khayrova continues to post positive messages on social media, expressing self-love and positivity despite the breakup with Cruise. She remains hopeful for the future and appears to be enjoying her time at the luxury hotel in Cyprus following the split.

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