Stephen Colbert expressed regret on “The Late Show” for inadvertently fueling conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton before the Duchess of Cambridge announced her cancer diagnosis. Despite showing remorse, some viewers criticized Colbert for not issuing a formal apology in his remarks. However, others defended the late-night host, asserting that joking about public figures is part of the job of a late-night TV host.

Prior to Middleton confirming her diagnosis, the internet was abuzz with speculation about her absence from public appearances, even after the palace announced she had undergone surgery. The release of a heavily edited Mother’s Day photo further fueled rumors about Middleton’s whereabouts. Colbert joined in on the jokes by referencing tabloid rumors that Prince William had an affair with Rose Hanbury, leading to more controversy.

Colbert made further remarks on his show, poking fun at the alleged affair between William and Hanbury and the response of the prince when confronted by his wife. Despite denials from William, Hanbury, and their lawyers, the rumors resurfaced in the media. Colbert also faced backlash for his comments, with Hanbury reportedly sending him a legal notice due to his jokes. The speculation around the royals has extended beyond Colbert, with public figures like Andy Cohen and Kim Kardashian also facing criticism for their comments.

The backlash against various public figures for their remarks about Middleton has been significant, with many people expressing outrage over what they see as inappropriate and disrespectful jokes about a serious health issue. Viewers have called out Colbert, Cohen, Kardashian, and others for their comments, highlighting the offensive nature of the jokes made about Middleton during this challenging time. Despite the controversy, Middleton herself emphasized the need for privacy and space during her treatment, especially for the sake of her children.

In her announcement video, Middleton explained that she and William had taken time to address her absence with their children and appreciated the support and kindness shown by others during this difficult time. The Duchess of Cambridge made it clear that she was focused on completing her treatment and asked for understanding from the public regarding her need for privacy. The widespread denouncement of the jokes made about Middleton by public figures like Colbert and others reflects a broader concern about the boundaries of humor and respect in discussing serious health issues and personal matters.

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